Esther Green is the lay-pastor of FCMG. She was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and attended the Ephesus SDA church in Harlem and its private schools.

 Throughout her early years Esther remained consistently active in her church, growing up to love the Gospel, engaging in vibrant leadership, and developing a missionary mind-set.

With education stressed as it was at home, Esther received her B.A in Psychology from Lehman College and her M.A. in Education from Columbia University, Teachers College. These degrees honed and refined Esther’s passion regarding mind-management and learning.

Remaining active in church, Esther embarked on her career teaching at various colleges and secondary schools in North Carolina and Georgia, and was comfortable with her life- excited by the prospects.

In 2004, however, she became spiritually uncomfortable and that’s when the Lord stepped in and laid His hands on her life, claiming her for full time service. After 2 years of playing “hard of hearing”, Esther surrendered to the call and knew that her work would involve leading people to spiritual maturity (Revelation 14:15).

Esther’s commission from God is to T.E.A.C.H:

T-rain God’s people to rightly divide the Word of Truth

E-quip people with a more practical, life-changing KNOWledge of Christ within the context of Revelation 14:6-12.

A-dvance people’s understanding of worship and its deeper implications.

C-oach people in their understanding of spiritual “Rest”: Trusting God’s will, God’s way, God’s time!

H-elp persons to apprehend God’s true heart and purpose for them and His last-day church.

The surprising part of the call was that ministry enabled her to use her degrees and pursue her passions even more- and to better ends. Along the way, she furthered her education and skill set by becoming a Certified Life and Wellness Coach and receiving additional Health certification from Cornell University.

Over the years Esther has engaged in a variety of ministries that led the lost to Christ and led believers to maturity. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Substance abuse recovery
  • Homeless ministries
  • Depression recovery
  • Prayer ministries
  • Lay-evangelism
  • Health ministries

Esther’s ministry now extends to Lay-pastoring and church planting, which she loves. “Pastor Esther” enjoys connecting with people and working with them to deepen their connection with God. 

She is also civic-minded and feels duty-bound to help and serve communities. The church’s motto is a reflection of her own: “ONLY GOD!”  Pastor Esther is very approachable and would love to connect with you.

Contact her here or meet with her in person.