Gone Fishing!

4346-mainWhen hundreds of people come out from behind their doors, apparently it’s “Fishing Time” for Jesus! FCMG found this to be the case during the 2014 Halloween season (yes, I said, “Halloween”). (See the gallery below!)

FCMG served as vendors for two community October Fests held on the 25th and 31st respectively. October Fests not really being “our thing”, the team of 6 rallied as we QUICKLY remembered people are “God’s thing”- and that’s the point! When people are too afraid or busy to answer a knock on a door, the only way to connect with them is when they are out from behind those doors- and connect we did.

kidsWe gave the kids fruit treats along with wonderful kids’ books. And while they were choosing what they wanted, parents were treated as well- especially those who helped us by completing our “Community Needs” Survey.

We were transparent with our parents. FCMG is in East Point to help…but we don’t know who needs help or what kind of help they need. So we asked the people, directly, how we could help them. 99 persons participated at just one of the events. Thanks to their openness and helpfulness, we learned that people want help for unresolved issues, impactful Bible studies, and daily prayer.

The depth and volume of responses stunned us. We only have 6 sets of hands! Our immediate cry to God has been, “Lord, the harvest really is ripe. SEND US LABORERS!” We know labor is our business, but recruiting laborers is God’s business. Thus far, as expected, God is proving Himself faithful and the labor has been sweet.

The people of East Point are kind and are as giving of warmth as they are receptive of warmth. How quickly we have come to realize it was heart-work with Christ: it always has been and always will be.


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