Look Who’s Turned 1!

images I now think I know one of the reasons why new parents throw such all-out parties for their 1 year olds. It’s a way of declaring, “Look everybody! I kept it alive! Woo hoo!” Lol.

That’s almost how I feel as the Mission Pastor of Fulton County Mission Group. It’s been a year and I’m stunned. I had not given our age much thought until September arrived and it hit me, “Wow, it’s been a year.” But I certainly cannot take credit for ‘keeping it alive’. All credit goes to God. That is why our theme was, “Only God.”

Only God could put it in the hearts of the Georgia Cumberland Conference and my mother church (All Nations) to risk empowering its laity to engage in such work.

Only God could provide me with the team and personal help I needed. Support is everything. Human comfort and eye witnesses to trials and victories are worth their weight in gold.

Only God could grow and mature me according to the demands of this office.

Only God could supply the financial needs that exceeded our small group’s abilities.

Only God could maintain our spirits when personal and church-related circumstances threatened to dispirit us.

Only God could keep Brother O from the brink of death when satan was determined to send him over.

Only God could preserve Sister D from the ravages of cancer she was diagnosed with shortly after she became a member.images (1)

It takes my breath away when I consider all that has happened this first year. A team of 3 has become a team of 7 with the help of an additional 7. We are a true church plant, begun as a seedling. Our goal is to be a community-filled church, rather than a membership-transfer church. God will lead us to that end.

Now that we have taken root, only God knows how the next year will go. I can tell you what I expect, however. I expect God to strengthen us, increase our stability, and stimulate growth all with the aim of maturing us for fruit-bearing.

How He will do this will be just as miraculous and wonderful as how He planted and maintained us this first year. But in advance for what I know is coming, all I can say is, “Only God.”


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