WELCOME TO FULTON COUNTY MISSION GROUP: a new, community-serving, God-believing Seventh-day Adventist church where you see God at work

  • mending broken people
  • empowering the weak
  • challenging the strong
  • bringing ultimate Truth to light

…through people like you and me.

It’s awesome! Every week is an adventure when God is at work: How? See for yourself!

FYI- Sometimes we do church and have service behind the four walls of our building, but other times we live church and do random acts of service for our neighborhood and city. You never know, so it’s good to stay in the loop!

We know you have questions; everyone does. Bring them, share them, and get them answered.

We are a small, conservative church that loves God, His Word, His “sheep”, and great, healthy food! (LOL) All that’s missing is you 🙂